Ali Hutchinson
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Poetry lighthouse / temporary installation / Hilton Liverpool

poetry lighthouse
Torch, brake light tape, hotel
May - June 2017

Signalling poetry in Morse code from the top floor executive suite of the Hilton Liverpool. Looking over the docks, the torchlight makes the hotel into a poetry lighthouse.

The poem speaks from the top floor to a poem I buried three metres under the hotel entrance after a storm a year ago. Looking across the river to Bidston Observatory, the three points make a poetry triangulation inspired by mountain triangulation used in early mountain range measurements and trig points.

Using the room in change over times between one set of guests leaving and the next set checking in, I inhabit the space in an unseen and unregistered parallel universe. Partly inspired by Haruki Murakami's Sheep Man, a shamanic character who inhabits a hidden floor in the Dolphin Hotel.

The torchlight makes the hotel into a huge sculpture, a lighthouse of poetry using a slight and temporary gesture.